The Deep Blue Experience
Enjoying Flyboarding on Cozumel Island
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Deep Blue Cozumel Diving - Flyboard!
Diving the beatiful reefs of Cozumel Isalnd and schools of fish

DEEP BLUE, a PADI facility since 1995, has the team and the experience to share the best of Cozumel Reefs with you.

We feature:
  • An octopus on a night dive showing its colors in CozumelAll computer diving for maximum bottom time and increased safety
  • Custom diving
    • different sites selected daily with YOU in advance
    • divers grouped by their level of experience
    • trips to unusual sites
  • Specialists in Punta Sur, Maracaibo, and Barracuda Reefs
  • All Fast Boats with Sun Covers for groups of 6-9 divers
  • Excellent Rental Gear A squid on a night dive in all its glory in Cozumel
    • computers standard on all regulator gauges
  • Top Quality Instruction
    • Discover Diving Introductory Courses
    • All PADI, NAUI, SSI Certifications up to Dive Master
    • Private Class Room and Beachfront Training Facility
  • Hotel / Dive Packages
    • Excellent discounted hotel/dive packages all year round

You will find our staff at our Downtown facilities very friendly and knowledgeable. Our commitment at DEEP BLUE is to make your dive vacation a fun, safe, and truly memorable experience.

FlyBoard with Deep Blue Cozumel

We are proud to be the first to introduce the newest, most exciting water sport to Cozumel !! The FLYBOARD is attached to a jet ski by a 60ft (18m) hose. The acceleration of the jet ski provides the lift you need to defy gravity and fly like a super hero, or swim like a dolphin! Hovering over, and diving into, the turquoise blue clear waters of Cozumel, is a feeling unlike any other! The fun is guaranteed - you don't FLY, you don't pay! It's that easy.... and, Deep Blue clients get a 20% discount!

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