Newsletter - Jan 2019


2019 Deep Blue CelebrationsDeep Blue Newsletter

Issue 2 - January 2019

Welcome to our January newsletter. We would like to wish all our Deep Blue client a very happy 2019!


Meet the crew at Deep Blue

Consuelo Santiago - affectionately known as Koko - is one of our Deep Blue receptionists. 

Born in Veracruz, Koko studied diving at college. Knowing that Cozumel would be one of the best places in the world to work in the diving industry Koko came to the island in 1999, where she started work for Aquaworld. She was employed as an administrator and snorkel guide and also assisted with some dives. She had planned on returning to Veracruz to attend university but had fallen in love with Cozumel so she decided to make the island her home. After her stint at Aquaworld Koko worked at various dive shops before starting at Deep Blue in 2008. Koko is one of our four receptionists and works behind the desk greeting people, booking trips and courses, looking after clients and helping with the smooth running of the shop.

Koko is married to Armando and has a little girl named Marifer. In her spare time she enjoys going to the Kokomarifer.jpgcinema with her family and every Sunday before her mid-afternoon shift at the shop they watch one of the latest films. Her favorite is, unsurprisingly, Coco. Koko enjoys going to the beach with her family and they love to spend time at Buccanos beach club on the North of the island. Another thing she enjoys doing with her family is going across to the East side of the island to watch the sunrise.

Although she is an Advanced Open Water diver Koko doesn’t find much time to go diving between work and looking after her family but she still enjoys the occasional dive; her favourite reef being Colombia deep. 


trunkfish.jpgPhotography Competition

Congratulations to Sharon Wilbur, who is the winner of our first ever photograph competition! Sharon wins a Deep Blue T-shirt and cap. Here is her winning entry.
We will be running another photography competition soon so keep an eye on our newsletter and Facebook page.

This month's new certifications

Congratulations to the divers who successfully completed courses with our instructor team last month.
Carsten Foldager Open Water, Cecilie Johansen Open Water, Paul Harris Open Water, Matthew K Colquitt Open Water, Juan M Colquitt Open Water, Jennakay M Colquitt Open Water, Lori A Colquitt Open Water, Mouzhe Xie Advanced Open Water, Gabriela Fortes-Jordan Open Water, Mateo Fortes-Jordan Junior Open Water, Tina Chen Open Water, Shun Da Suo Advanced Open Water, Esther Park Open Water, Benjamin Chang Open Water, Tessa Mcintire Open Water, Colleen Buganski Open Water, Derek Quys Enriched Air Diver, Garrett R Langford Open Water, Carson J Langford Open Water, Frederik Fröhle Open Water, Brock Baumann Open Water, Grant Baumann Open Water,Austin T Hawkins Open Water, Joseph Broshears Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Diver, Carolyn Domen-Broshears Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Diver, Jacob Lawrence Open Water, Danielle Barlow Enriched Air Diver, Taylor W Knight Open Water.

Tikila Beach Club

If you are completing an Open Water, Reactivate or any other PADI course with us that requires performing skills in confined, pool-like shallow water we will take you to Tikila Beach Club.

tickiclub.jpgTikila is located approximately 4km/2.5 miles south of the town center and boasts all the facilities that you would expect from a good beach club. The restaurant has a full food and drinks menu, and provides bathrooms, showers and lounge chairs.

The clear, shallow waters directly in front of Tikila are easily reached via steps, making it the perfect place to practice your dive skills. About 100m/300ft out is a small reef wall, the deepest part being a mere 8.5m/25ft, suitable for new divers or for certified divers brushing up on their abilities. As you would expect from Cozumel this reef wall has abundant marine life and chances are you will spot octopus, squid, eels, several species of fish commonly found in the Caribbean and, if you are very lucky maybe even a spotted eagle ray!

athebeach.jpgA lot of Cozumel’s dive shops use Tikila for scuba training, so you will feel at home surrounded by fellow divers. This also means that manager Iran and his staff are attentive and accommodating to the needs of divers and non-divers alike.

December the 20th saw the annual Deep Blue posada (Christmas party) at Kinta Restaurant.
























Celebratory drink at Deep Blue Cozumel Scuba Diving Partydbchristmasparty8.jpg


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