Options for Adventure Seekers

For those seeking SOMETHING DIFFERENT, here are some exciting options:



The largest underground river system in the world, the d’zenots in Maya, cenotes in Spanish, is the main attraction for Scuba divers visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Centuries ago, rain water on its way to the Caribbean Sea formed cavities in the limestone of the Yucatan Peninsula by hollowing out caves, creating fantastic formations. When parts of the caves grew too large, their ceiling collapsed and cenotes and sinkholes were formed.

The gentle current and mild water temperature (about 75ºF / 24ºC) create a perfect underwater environment for divers of all experience levels (beginner to advanced) which offers endless opportunities for spectacular views.

Unlike cave diving, which demands advanced technical training and highly specialized gear, cavern, or cenote diving requires only an Open Water certification.

You would take the 7:00 am ferry from Cozumel and be greeted at the ferry pier in Playa del Carmen by our sister company and transported from there to the first cenote site, then you will be given a light lunch and beverages and do your second dive at a different location, then back to the ferry pier in Playa for a return to Cozumel on the 4 or 5 pm ferry.

             Cenote Dive: $150 per person + equipment rentals

            You will be responsible for the ferry ticket which is about $16 US each way per person.


SPECIAL TRIPS - for Experienced Divers

Explore the lesser known and less visited reefs on the far South like Punta Sur, Maracaibo and Chunchakaab, and Barracuda and San Juan to the North.

These sites are for advanced divers only, due to stronger currents, depth, narrow swim-thru’s, etc. You will be required to dive with us before we take you to these sites.

See Dive Packages for pricing information.


SWIM WITH THE WHALE SHARKS - From May to September

Swim alongside these magnificent creatures which come every year between May and September to feed in the rich waters around the Yucatan Peninsula.

The whale shark tour includes: experienced multilingual guides, plenty of time to have a close encounter with these amazing creatures, snorkel equipment, drinking water and lunch*

* Lunch: Sandwich on the boat and ceviche beach break if time allows.

The boat tour takes about 4 hours, on a 26 ft. boat for max 7 passengers or a 29 ft. boat for max 10 passengers. Both boats have shading roof, twin engines and cushions.

After the whale shark tour, if time allows,  you can snorkel at a local reef near Isla Mujeres and enjoy ceviche and beer before you head back to Cozumel. 

                Whale Shark Tour:  $179.00 per person

Included: Round trip transfer: Playa del Carmen – whale shark boat – Playa del Carmen. Whale shark boat tour, snorkel equipment, multilingual guide, drinking water and lunch.
Not included: Ferry crossing from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen.

Sighting guarantee during the months of June, July and August: If you don't find the sharks on your tour, we invite you to come again the next day for free!