Cruise Ship Divers have various options

If you are arriving by Cruise Ship, we would be delighted to take you diving or snorkeling.

You are not obligated to dive with the Cruise Line Dive Operator. You have various options, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced scuba diver.

Typically ships arrive in time for you to make our 9am departure, but if you arrive later we might be able to arrange another departure time to fit your schedule. Please contact us.

2-tank dive = $105/per + Equipement Rentals
Snorkeling = $75/per (Includes Equipement)

$7/per Marine Park fee is additional.

1-Tank Beach Discover Scuba Course = $90/per (Includes Equipement)

2-Tank Boat Discover Scuba Course = $180/per (Includes Equipement)

We are on Central Standard Time in the summer and Eastern Standard Time in the winter. Please verify your ships COZUMEL port times.

Unfortunately some cruise directors have been known to use scare tactics to persuade people to dive with the operators they get commissions for. We can assure you that we will give you two excellent dives, that our air is clean, our equipment is excellent, and that you will not miss your ship on our account !

There are 3 different docking piers. Deep Blue dive shop is a short and inexpensive 5-10 minutes taxi ride away from either one.