Closeup of a small fish peeking out of the coral reefs in Cozumel Island
DIVING: Instruction
PADI Scuba Diving instruction

NAUI Scuba Diving instruction

Dvie SSI Scuba Diving instruction

Learn to dive or improve your skills with our highly qualified PADI, NAUI and SSI Instructors.

A diver is receiving PADI instruction and learning how to navigate underwater Advanced diving certification requires knowing how to use a compass Instructor and student reviewing PADI instructions

All Courses include Equipment and Instruction Materials

Course Cost Description Duration
Resort Course $75 Basic Introduction to Scuba Diving - 1 beach dive 2-3 hrs
Boat Resort $115 2-tank boat dive after Resort Course 4 hrs.
Refresher $70 Refresh basic skills - 1 beach dive 2-3 hrs.
Open Water Referral $230 Final 4 Open Water Dives - 2 from the beach and 2 from the boat 2 days
Open Water Diver $420 Become a Certified Diver - total of 7 dives, 5 from the beach and 2 from the boat 4 days
Advanced Open Water $400 Improve Open Water skills - 5 dives (2 mandatory and 3 electives) 2-3 days
Emergency First Responder $150 Medical First Aid - Pre-requisite for Rescue Course 2 days
Rescue $400 Emergency and Rescue skills - from the beach 2-3 days
Dive Master Please Inquire Expand dive knowledge, leadership skills, and assist Instructors - 12 - 15 dives / beach and boat 12-15 days
NITROX Specialty $250 Qualifies you to dive with Nitrox tanks up to 40% oxygen - includes 2-tank boat dive 2 days

Specialty Courses

Course Cost Description Duration
Other Specialties Please Inquire Drift, Deep, Night, Wreck, Photographer, etc. Varies