The Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

06-Mar-2019 -- Posted by : admin

As well as being an undoubtedly fun pastime exploring the underwater world and hanging out with a variety of marine life scuba diving has many advantages for mind, body and soul.

On the physical side the pure fact that you are moving through water and the resistance that gives to your movements means that the strength and flexibility of your muscles is improved.

The deep, slow breathing we use to optimize our air consumption and achieve neutral buoyancy helps reduce blood pressure and may even make divers less prone to strokes and heart attacks.

Blood circulation is improved due to the fact that you are performing a physical activity under an increased pressure gradient.

Health3.jpgThe effects of the sun and water are also beneficial. Diving in sunny climates means you have increased exposure to vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium, essential to maintaining strong, healthy bones. And diving in salt water is proven to help many skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

As for the amount of calories burnt whist scuba diving PADI estimates that an average shore dive in temperate water burns as much as 600 calories per hour, the same as jogging. A leisurely boat dive in warm, tropical waters burns about 300 calories an hour, equivalent to hiking or a brisk walk. Whilst a dive day in the tropics, with three dives a day, burns about 900 extra calories, or about 40 percent extra for an average male.

One of the main benefits for our mental health is the fact that diving is such a great stress reliever. The slow breathing that is core to scuba diving reduces our heart rate and connecting with nature whilst being in such a quiet environment helps to calm and relax us.  In addition, having a calm mind helps achieve a positive mental attitude and reduces the feelings of depression. 

Lastly scuba diving will enable you to meet like-minded people who share your passion. It’s fun to discuss your experiences together after a dive and promotes a feeling of camaraderie. Being part of the dive community means you will certainly make new friends and sometimes form lifelong friendships.

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